Board of Directors

The Kenosha Symphony Association (KSA) is a board of directors, made up of volunteers who manage and plan for the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra, working with Robert G. Hasty as our Conductor and Music Director, to produce each enlightening and inspiring orchestra season. Starting in January of 2017, the KSA adopted a new operating model with a role-based structure. In order to direct the highest possible portion of our funding to the musicians and conductor, this model allows us to manage the “business” end of the orchestra with a team of volunteers who work in a collaborative manner, each with a unique role in managing the daily operations of the organization. These roles include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Operations, Music Events, IT & Digital Media, Marketing & Communications, Grants & Gifts, and Corporate Sponsorships. These individual board members are organized into four committees which meet as needed in addition to the regular board meetings. The structure is designed to be collaborative and flexible, in order to meet the changing demands of operating a nonprofit arts organization.

Kenosha Symphony Association Board of Directors

  • Thea Keshavarzi, President
  • Kenneth Lenz, Vice President
  • Andy Ievens – Treasurer
  • Heather Kamikawa, Secretary
  • Pete Rodriguez – Orchestra Representative
  • Carole Crawford
  • Cherie Julius
  • Julia Nowicki
  • Tim Wright