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Kenosha Symphony Orchestra (KSO)is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and all gifts made to the orchestra are tax-deductible. When you support KSO, you help support our mission:

"The Kenosha Symphony Orchestra (KSO) strives for excellence in our music selection, performances, and our outreach to Kenosha families, and we endeavor to make quality music a part of our community. Our fundamental goal is to provide a bridge between the community and the arts."

Like most nonprofits, the orchestra derives its income from two major sources: Ticket Sales and Donations/Gifts. 

20-30% Ticket sales and Other Performance Revenue 

70-80% Donations and Gifts 

Individual donors are the cornerstone of the orchestra's income.  A broad base of community support for the orchestra’s work is demonstrated by the large number of small gifts made by individuals: around 75% of the gifts made were under $250. 


The orchestra has two major expenses that account for 95% of the annual budget: Artistic Pay and Production Costs.   A typical concert costs KSO around $17,000.

Artistic Pay for performing musicians is the greatest expense incurred accounting for nearly 70% of operating costs. Our musicians are all professionals and are compensated accordingly. 

Production costs consist of professional fees, music rental, insurance, office expenses, etc. These fees account for nearly 25% of the budget. 

Corporate Match

Before you donate, see if your company will match your donation by clicking the button below and following these steps: 

  1. Enter your company’s name and click search. 
  2. Click on “Go To Matching Gift Form” and follow the steps to double your donation.